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Are you ready to activate your world?

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The ActiveIMG app is a 100% free application compatible with both Google Play and Apple devices. ActiveIMG cohesively combines Augmented Reality (AR) with Image Recognition (IR) algorithms to create living images within your smart device from your 2D image that will immerse your viewers with exclusive video content that is ActiveIMG enabled. 

The ActiveIMG Website is where the magic starts. Create and account and start combining your image and video on the "Create" tab. Each image costs $10 to activate for a month. You can have as many images as you want activated, there is no limit! Start creating today!

Starting Out

Starting out is only

$10 a month per image.

Use the one image and change the video attached as often as you like


Share Your Image

share your activated image on social medias, place it on stickers, make a sign. 

Need help with ideas?

Get creative

Videos, commercials, animated shorts, oh my! The possibilities are endless! Need examples? 

Ask for help

Need help? 

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